Idle time

Idle time is a system-defined work category which indicates there is no input from the keyboard or mouse from the associate. Since there is typically work the associate must do away from his or her computer, the system provides a way for the associate to define what idle time means, such as time spent in meetings, training, or assisting others.

Idle time

Idle time is recognized after a configurable interval of no input from the keyboard or mouse. The default is ten minutes. When the associate generates new input after being idle, the system displays a dialog from which the associate selects an Off Computer Code to further define the idle time. 

Note: Workforce Intelligence ignores Off Computer Codes that are entered after two hours of idle time. For example, if agents leave computers running overnight, the system ignores the Off Computer Code (such as Break) that they select at the beginning of the next day. The default time interval for ignoring the Off Computer Code is two hours.

The default Off Computer codes are shown here and are presented via Runtime/Agile Desktop. Administrators can modify these codes and create additional codes.

Off computer reasons

Reason code

Work category



Non Work



Non Work

Assisting Others

Idle-Assisting Others




Non Work

Receiving Assistance

Idle-Receiving Assistance





Mail Room

Idle-Mail Room


Paper Handling

Idle-Paper Handling


No Work Available

Idle-No Work Available

Non Work

Personal Time

Idle-Personal Time

Non Work

System Issue

Idle-System Issue

Non Work



Non Work

How Workforce Intelligence uses these codes

The Off Computer Code you select is passed from Runtime/Agile Desktop in the High Level Event (HLE) data that Workspace Intelligence then displays as if it was an application, like Outlook or Word. By treating it as another application, this information can be mapped to a work category of Production, Work Related, or Non Work. This way you can get a clear picture of all time spent on Production tasks and what is pulling associates away from Production tasks.



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